holzer, jan

Opposition in Contemporary Russian Politics. Notes on Specific Actor in Authoritarian/ Hybrid Regime

The presentation focuses on the phenomenon of the opposition in the non-democratic hybrid regimes, i.e. the issue which currently is to some extent neglected and has not been discussed for a long time (the classical theories were drafted at the turn of 1960’s and 1970’s, see the texts by F. Barghoorn, R. A. Dahl, G. Ionescu, A. de Madariaga, L. Schapiro, and G. Skilling). The background of the presentation is constituted by the problem – related to the paradigm of democratization – of the current transformations of the perception of the actors’ plurality in these regimes. The presentation focuses on the post-Soviet area, specifically on the opposition in the contemporary Russian politics. The particular goals are as follow: First, drawing upon a brief reference to the existing texts dealing with the respective actors of the opposition in the Russian politics during the last decade (J. Barber, V. Gelman, L. March, K. Levintova) to offer a comprehensive description of the current Russian opposition operating under the authoritative regime of D. Medveděv/V. Putin. Special attention shall be paid both to the parties including those active in the parliament, and to the non-partisan actors as well. Second, on the basis of these data I will aspire to state variables crucial to define and typologically characterize opposition in non-democratic hybrid regime. Finally, within this analytical framework I wish to propose my own typology of the opposition complying with both the category of the classical non-democratic regimes, and the category of the regimes falling under the so-called hybrid paradigm.

Wednesday 24 October 14:30-16:30 Panels I, Panel 3 Competition and Democracy I (Hall 15)