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Chinese Stratagems as a Reflection of Competition Theory and Practice

The West is known as a stronghold of Reason, but it is very difficult to call the West a connoisseur of man soul. It is cultural stereotype, but it has a special base. Chinese wise men 2000 years ago have introduced into their language a new term - “stratagem”. Stratagem is an art to survive in any situation; at the same time it is a way of thinking and special line of conduct.  Chinese sages discovered 36 stratagems as universal “formulae” of situations that human being can invent at all to achieve any purpose; all social and private types of situation are expressed in 36 stratagems as special codes, that have very short names. For example, stratagem № 18 is called “If you want to catch a gang of robbers, first kill leader”. It is perfect not only for catching criminals but for peeling, when you take a core out of an apple. Stratagems are used in politics, in economics, in military activities, in family life- everywhere. For examples, when Hitler attacked USSR, he used (as Chinese people said) stratagem № 10 “To conceal dagger beyond smile”.

Stratagem is the “fruit” of reason and is a trick against opponent, antagonist and enemy. Stratagem as a method is like a sharp blade, which can be used not only for “attack”, but for defence too. We often hear about the Eastern treachery. Actually, the East knows stratagems, and I mean not only Far East, but Muslim East too. There is very interesting literature about the art to survive. I would like to make presentation to share with you my information about this subject and about researches, which tried to gather materials about this. I mean first of all Harro von Senger. We know Western thinkers, who develop conception of culture as a Game (Huizinga, Fink, Heidegger). I want to show to you how stratagems work.

Friday 26 October 09:00-11:00 Panels VII, Panel 17 Theoretical Perspectives of Competition I (Hall 14)