akhlaghi, seyed behzad

Improvement, Innovation and Expansion of Competition in Central Asia

The question posed in this paper is if new formed capitalism in post-Soviet states is leaning toward Western ideals to reform government and promote civil rights or is it taking another path. The civil society will bring a pure capitalism with itself; however there is an undeniable gap between social standards in Central Asia and those of the West. The Central Asian social models are determined by ethnicity that shapes up the regional economy. Meantime the political liberalism and civil liberties of the region based on the same element creates a defective cycle. On the other hand the corrupted economic and political system profits from this defect. Therefore it can be interpreted that creating income aims to preserve the current situation. In order to change this situation it's necessary to redefine the social standard according to ethnical believes of the society which have prime role in economical and investment devices. Regarding this theory, one cannot ignore th edecadence and fall of capitalism.

Wednesday 24 October 16:45-18:45 Panels II, Panel 5 Problems of Healthy Economic Competition (Hall 14)