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Aleksanteri Conference







Practical Information

Guideline for sessions
The Annual Aleksanteri Conference
Travel and accommodation
Papers and presentations
Venue information

Guideline for sessions

Here is a rough guideline for session timetables. Please note that
each panel is entitled to adjust it to their preferences.

90 minute sessions (Session I on Thursday and Session VIII on Saturday)

Chairs: 5 minutes - introduction of panel and panellists
Panellist 1: 15-20 minutes
Panellist 2: 15-20 minutes
Panellist 3: 15-20 minutes
Discussant: 5-10 minutes for comments
Q&A: 15 minutes

Or for the 120 minute sessions (Sessions II-VII)

Chairs: 5 minutes - introduction of panels and panellists
Panellist 1: 15-20 minutes
Panellist 2: 15-20 minutes
Panellist 3: 15-20 minutes
Panellist 4: 15-20 minutes
Discussant: 10 minutes for comments
Q&A: 20 minutes

The chair will introduce the panel and its participants (max 5
minutes). Each panelist will have the maximum of 20 minutes for their
presentations. The discussant will have 5-10 minutes to make their
comments, which can be either direct questions on each of the papers
or/and general remarks on the broader themes discussed in the panel.
There is some 20 minutes for questions from the audience.

The Annual Aleksanteri Conference

Aleksanteri Conferences have attracted broad interest among researchers and policy-makers in a wide variety of disciplines, both in Finland and abroad. These have included top decision-makers and other actors interested in the development of post-socialist countries.

Participants and observers who do not wish to give a paper are also welcome to take part in the 9th Annnual Aleksanteri Conference. Registration is required.

Travel and accommodation

Participants are requested to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation and cover the costs related to participation.

Conference organisers have negotiated a quota for the conference participants from October 28 to October 31at the following hotels/hostels:

Hotel Arthur
Prices: single room 91€, double room 112€ (Sat. 73€/92€)
Reservations: e-mail tel. +358 9 173 44 200 or tel. +358 9 173 441
When booking, use our code 315256 /HY. We advice to make bookings early in advance. Deadline for reservation is September 30, 2009

Prices: single room 46,40€, double room 29,00€/person.
Reservations: e-mail tel. +358 9 622 0470,
fax. +358 9 6220 4747
When booking, use our code 206030. We advice to make bookings early in advance. Deadline for reservation is September 30, 2009

Radisson SAS Plaza
Price: single room 125€
Reservations: e-mail tel. +358 20 1234 700
When booking, please quote name of the hotel and use our code ACONF09. Please note that special rate is not available in the internet. Deadline for reservation is October 14, 2009.

Papers and presentations

Written conference presentations should be submitted by September 15th to the conference e-mail: fcree-aleksconf [at] There are no specifications for the length and format of the papers – they can be either conference presentations (approximately 5-7 pages) or early drafts of longer articles. The papers will be circulated amongst participants prior to the conference as they are important for receiving feedback.

The papers are found on the conference intranet that can be accessed only by the panelists. Password and user name have been sent to registered panelists at the end of September.


The conference organizers plan to publish an edited English language volume based on the
conference presentations. At the present phase, we are arranging the funding for the project. As soon as the funding is confirmed, we shall proceed to the next phase. Due to a large amount of participants, it will not be possible to consider all the papers for publication. Thus, the same expert panel that made the selection of the papers and panels for the conference will select the papers that will, at the writer’s permission, be included in the conference publication. Those who are invited to contribute to the conference volume will be informed in December 2009, and they will have until February 2010 to revise their papers.

Venue information

The conference is held in the University of Helsinki Main Building, address: Unioninkatu 34. Conference venue is situated in the city centre, within walking distance from the central railway station, where also the airport coaches stop.

Upon arrival to the venue, please pick up your conference folder and name tag at the Info Desk situated in the entrance hall. Don't hesitate to contact the Info Desk if you need any information or help during the conference.

The auditoriums for the panels are all located at the Unioninkatu side ("Old side") of the building on two floors: AUD II - IV on the first floor (near the Info Desk) and AUD IX - XIV on the second floor. The plenums are held in the Small Hall on the opposite, Fabianinkatu or "new" side of the building, 4th floor. There's a connecting corridor behind the Info Desk and signs along the way.

During the coffee breaks, coffee and tea are served on the first floor. At other times refreshments can be bought at the student cafeteria at the Fabianinkatu side, ground floor.

To find the location of your accommodation, or any other address, you can also consult the site Map of Helsinki. Just enter the street address and click ´search ´.

The University and the City of Helsinki: For general information about the city of Helsinki, have a look at Helsinki on Wikipedia in English или на русском языке (critical readers can compare). You may also wish to consult a historical overview of the University of Helsinki in English. The University of Helsinki website is .


Helsinki´s location nearby the sea causes rather windy conditions which makes the capital of Finland colder than other southern cities and towns of Finland. At the end of October the average temperature is 5 degrees celcius. We heartily recommend you to take some warm clothes with you. Current weather information can be found at