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Aleksanteri Conference







Conference Programme

Please find below the up-dated programme timetable and an outline of the panels. Please note that changes are still possible.

Conference venue: University of Helsinki Main Building, address: Unioninkatu 34

Updated October 14, 2009


Timetable Panels & Abstracts  

Panels & Abstracts

Thursday 29 Oct
11.15-12.45 Session 1

Beneath the Barricades: The Search for Cooperation (Audiorium II)

On the Airways: Media in the Cold War (Auditorium IX)

Party, Flag, and Tribe: the Politics of Ethnicity (Auditorium III)

Trans-systemic Cultural Interactions (Auditorium XIV) (abstract)

  • chair Sari Autio-Sarasmo
  • György Péteri: "Reporting form ´Over There´: Eastern Europe´s Ford Fellows on Their Experience in the USA during 1960s"
  • Riikka Nisonen-Trnka: "Visiting the "Civilised World" - travel accounts of Czechoslovak scientists from the West in the 1960s"
  • Lars P. Haga: Encounters across the intrasystemic border. VOKS, the European Peoples´ Democracies and Soviet Identity

Linguistics and Politics during the Cold War (Auditorium XI) (abstract)

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13.45-15.45 Session 2

Breaching the Wall: Ostpolitik/Westpolitik and Trade (Auditorium XIV)

NORCENCOWAR PANEL: Early Cold War Media and Propaganda: Cases from Scandinavia and Estonia (Auditorium XIII) (abstract)

  • chair Vahur Made
  • Olaf Mertelsmann: Early Cold War Media and the Response of the Audience in a Soviet Republic
  • Palle Roslyng-Jensen: A Third Voice: Scandinavian Media Discourses on the Soviet Union 1945-49
  • Ivo Juurvee: KGB as a History Writer? Case Study of Historiography Published in the Estonian SSR Exclusively for Est. Diaspora during the CW
  • Mikael Nilsson: US Propaganda Activities in Sweden during the 1950s and 1960s
  • discussant Valur Ingimundarson

Individual Biographies in the Cold War(Auditorium II) (abstract)

  • chair and discussant Marianne Liljeström
  • Tiiu Jaago: Mapping the Cold War effects in Estonian remembrance cultures
  • Ene Kõresaar: Mapping the Cold War effects in Estonian remembrance cultures
  • Mari Ristolainen: Toivo Vähä - Ivan Petrov: "The last man standing on the far side of the world"
  • Tuulikki Kurki: One life and two perspectives separated by the border: the case of Taisto Huuskonen

Encounters of the Third Kind: Cultural Interactions Across the Iron Curtain (Auditorium III)(abstract)

  • chair Pia Koivunen
  • Simo Matias Mikkonen: Weapons or Victims? Soviet Emigration in attendance of Superpower politics
  • Dina Fainberg: The heirs of the future - Foreign correspondents  meeting youth on the other side of the iron curtain
  • Tomas Tolvaisas: Cold War Communications: American Exhange Exhibitions in the USSR, 1959-1991
  • discussant Tal Zalmanovich

Èmigré Intellectuals and the Power of Literature Interaction and Cooperation (Auditorium IX) (abstract)

  • chair Hanna Ruutu
  • Kathleen Parté: The Weaponization of Literature: Reconsidering Russia´s Dangerous Texts
  • Nataša Kovačević: The Mediatization of History and Global Politics of Forgetting in Milan Kundera
  • Sanna Turoma: Joseph Brodsky and Oriental Identity as Discursive Strategy

The Politics of Pedagogy: the Role of Education in the Cold War (Auditorium XI)

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16.15-18.15 Session 3

Solidarnosc and the West (Auditorium II)

"Beyond Peace and Friendship" - Cultural Cold War Encounters at the World Youth Festivals, 1940s - 1970s (Auditorium III) (abstract)

Bringing the Post-War "Grand Narratives" together: the Cold War and the Welfare State (Auditorium XIII) (abstract)

  • chair Johanna Rainio-Niemi
  • Klaus Petersen, Pauli Kettunen, Johanna Rainio-Niemi: Mapping contact zones between Cold War and the Welfare State
  • Helge Pharo: Development aid and the Norwegian historical experience: promoting growth and projecting values
  • Jonathan Bell: Building a Left Coast: The California Welfare State and the Challenge to Cold War Liberalism in the 1960s
  • discussant Marju Lauristin

The Transfer of Knowledge and Changing Values (Auditorium IX)

Picturing the Cosmic: Soviet Visual Culture in the Cold War and its Post-Soviet Afterlife (Auditorium XI) (abstract)

  • chair Jonathan Platt
  • Iina Kohonen: Cosmic Landscape: Photographs from the Far Side of the Moon, Earth from Space and the Art of Alexey Leonov
  • Cathleen S. Lewis: Screening Hope: Cosmonaut Nostalgia in Post-Soviet Film
  • Roman Marek: First Cosmonaut Laika: a Veteran of the Cold War Persists on Flickr, YouTube and the Infinite Space of the Internet

Images of Enemies: Representations and Projections (Auditorium XIV)

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Friday 30 Oct
9.00-11.00 Session 4

Choosing Sides: Was Neutrality Really Possible? (Auditorium XIII)

Women and the Cold War (Auditorium III)

The Cold War's Impact on Historiography (Auditorium IV)

Silenced Voices: Tamizdat, Samizdat and PEN (Auditorium IX)

A "Cold War Culture"? Music, Radio and Documentaries across the Curtain, 1945-1989 (Auditorium XI) (abstract)

The Archaeologies of the Cold War's Metalanguages (Auditorium II) (abstract)

  • Egle Rindzeviciute: Cybernetics as a Metalanguage of Soviet Governance: The Issues of Freedom and Critique
  • Aleksei Semenenko: In Search of Universal Language: The Case of Tartu-Moscow Semiotic School
  • Vessela Misheva: The Cold War and the Unity of Science Movement
  • Johan Öberg: Conseptualism across the Iron Curtain
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13.45-15.45 SESSION 5

When the War Turned Hot: Struggles and Ideology in the Third World (Auditorium III)

Other Voices: Peace and Human Rights' Movements (Auditorium IX)

Dealing with the Traumatic Past I (Auditorium XI) (abstract)

  • chair Silviu Miloiu
  • Tuuli Lähdesmäki: Images of President Urho Kekkonen – remembering and recontextualizing the Kekkonen era
  • Tomáš Bouška: Memories of Czech Political Prisoners
  • Aili Aarrelaid: Baltic Biographies at Historical Crossroads. Two traumas
  • discussant Li Bennich-Björkman

Cold War mediators and travellers across the Iron Curtain (Auditorium II) (abstract)

  • chair Jessica Gienow-Hecht
  • Piotr H. Kosicki: The travels of politically engaged Catholic intellectuals
  • Riikka Nisonen-Trnka: Czechoslovak scientists raising the Iron Curtain
  • Dora Vargha: "We love our children too". Cold War intractions in the fight against polio from a Hungarian perspective

On the Big Screen: Cinema in the Cold War I (Auditorium XIII)

Law I/ The Legal Dimension in the Cold War Interactions (Auditorium IV) (abstract)

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16.15-18.15 SESSION 6

Fueling Change: Europe and Cold War Trade Blocs (Auditorium III)

Backchannels of Cooperation (Auditorium IX)

Dealing with the Traumatic Past II (Auditorium XI) (abstract)

  • chair Katalin Miklossy
  • Li Bennich-Björkman: Transition from `dreaming about politics´ to ´doing politics´ in the Baltic contexts
  • Jelena Obradovic: Victims, violence and ´remaking worlds´ after war trauma in Serbia
  • Nadezhda Stoyanova: Securitising Identities: the Power of Exclusion
  • Brendan Humphreys: The Politics of ´Never Again!`, from Kosovo to Munich
  • discussant Markku Kangaspuro

Transferring Technology (Auditorium II)

On the Big Screen: Cinema in the Cold War II (Auditorium XIII)

Law II/ Round table: Remnants of Cold War Policy Making over the Past Two Decades: Has There Been Peace Dividend? (Auditorium IV) (abstract)

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Saturday 31 Oct
9.30 -11.30 SESSION 7

Constructing Post-Cold War Europe: "New Europe" and the EU (Auditorium IV)

Intellectual and Dissident Activism (Auditorium III)

The Old World Order: Reassessments and Re-conceptualisations (Auditorium IX)

The Enemy of My Enemy: The Search for Independent Socialism (Auditorium XI)

Music, Literature and Fine Arts in the Cold War Soviet Union (Auditorium II)


  • chair Sari Autio-Sarasmo
  • Jutta Scherrer
  • Markku Kivinen
  • Manuel de los Reyes Garcia Markina
  • Katalin Miklossy
  • Joseph Pilat
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12.00-13.30 SESSION 8

Post-Chernobyl Mobilization Beyond the State: the Cases of Belarus, Ukraine, and Germany (Auditorium III) (abstract)

  • chair Astrid Sahm
  • Alexandr Dolgowskij: Perception of Chernobyl in Written Sources in Belarus
  • Anastasiya Leukhina: Ecological Movement in Ukraine After Chernobyl
  • Melanie Arndt: "Children of Chernobyl. Interweavement of civil societal initiatives in Germany and Belarus

Communism and Post-communism: Reconstructing and Understanding the Legacies of the Past for the Politics of the Present (Auditorium IV) (abstract)

Exhibitions and the Performing Arts (Auditorium IX)

Seeing Red: (de) Constructing the Russian Enemy in Western Popular Culture (Auditorium XI) (abstract)

  • chair Leonid Trofimov
  • Christopher Read: Peeping through the Curtain: Revealing the "Real" Russia
  • Simon Willmetts: Hitchcock´s Cold War: Filming the Soviet Menace
  • Christopher R. Moran: Russophobia and the British Spy Thriller
  • discussant Dina Fainberg

The Impact of the Cold War on Soviet Scholarship (Auditorium II)

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