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Schwoch, James

Finland and Cold War TV in the 1950s and 1960s

Television and Finland during the Cold War is a recurring theme in my new book Global TV. The development of Finnish TV in conjunction with emergent Cold War trajectories is an important story, and due to the reasonable limitations on manuscript length and word counts university press publishers need to follow, I was not able to explore this question in Global TV as fully as I would have liked, nor utilize all the archival documents I found. For the Aleksanteri Conference I propose a continued investigation beyond what I was able to provide in Global TV. This includes the role of the “TV Club of Finland” in bringing television to Helsinki; encouragement from the British FO and American State Department for Finland to develop its own TV services; the occasional coverage of Finland events on USA TV news programs (such as NBC’s TODAY show) with freelance reporters (“stringers”) who would occasionally come over from Moscow or Leningrad for a story; and the important role of Finland in networking across the Iron Curtain for coverage of the Gagarin spaceflight in 1961.

Thursday 29 Oct, 11.15-12.45 SESSION 1
Panel: On the Airways: Media in the Cold War