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Malinova, Olga

The Idea of “the West” in Discourses of Perestroika: Stereotypes of Cold War Thinking and Transformation of Collective Identity in Late-Soviet Context

At least since the eighteenth century “Europe” or “the West” played the role of  “constituting Other” in the respect to which the Russian identity was defined and redefined. The cold war period was the moment of probably the most drastic opposition of Us and the Other that was interpreted in terms of opposed ideologies. In the years of perestroika the changing image of “the West” played an important role in transformation of habitual ways of collective self-identification. The proposed paper analyzes the influence of cold war stereotypes in the discourses of perestroika period and explores the main lines of transformation of models of collective identity towards “the West” in the late Soviet context.

Thursday 29 Oct, 16.15 - 18.15 SESSION 3
Panel: Images of Enemies: Representations and Projections