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Aleksanteri Conference







Èmigré Intellectuals and the Power of Literature Interaction and Cooperation

This panel focuses on Cold War interactions in the cultural arena of the 1970s and 1980s. It draws attention to Soviet and Eastern European émigré intellectuals, who had a great impact on the formation of political views and popular opinions in their own émigré communities, among wider Western audiences as well as the underground intellectuals in their home countries. While their use of both official and unofficial channels of cultural exchange discloses the porosity of the Iron Curtain, their public articulations of the East-West dichotomy often reinforced Cold War bipolarities. These bipolarized articulations bore great cultural authority on public opinion in their contemporary cultural contexts as well as in post-communist Europe, Russian, and the United States. The panel will present a few case studies within this general framework of intellectual exchange during the late Cold War period in Russian and Eastern European cultural practices.

Thursday 29 October 13.45-15.45 Session 2