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Aleksanteri Conference







Dealing With The Traumatic Past I & II

We submit two panels on the same topic because both are organised on active networking and the Conference provides a fine opportunity to meet, discuss and display our proceedings. The network and thus all three groups investigate historical traumas that have the capacity to unify communities and hence are able to survive even radical political changes, like for example the collapse of the communist system. The panelists concentrate particularly on those traumas that are related to the concept of regionality and thus are linked to the myths of the fatherland. The idea is to conceptualise what kind of events have the capacity to become a trauma? How they are related to a certain perception of the past? What burden the era of socialism contributed to older traumas and how it created new ones? How can we deal with them today? The panels are composed on multidisciplinary bases, representing political science, ethnology, political history and cultural studies hence establishes a good arena for fruitful interdisciplinary discourse. The central subject of the panels has a relevance to the conference’s main theme, interaction, since regionally related traumas particularly in Eastern Europe are characteristically inter-national and sometimes even trans-national issues. We discuss how the Western ideas and values influenced the political processing of these traumas. Moreover, the panels view traumas as dynamic phenomena that overarch man-made time boundaries and thus underline the symbiotic relationship between the periods of Cold War and post-Cold War.

Friday 30 Oct 13.45-15.45 Session 5 / Dealing with the Traumatic Past I
Friday 30 Oct 16.15-18.15 Session 6 / Dealing with the Traumatic Past II