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Chrzan, Barbara-Renata:

Literature of the “iron curtain” Empire of Evil in Camp Literature

Camp literature is a distinct subject requiring a penetrating look and profound analysis and influencing to a large extent our understanding of culture. Writers and literary research workers endeavor to fix historical facts in the literature as components of the cultural process, and analyze them in the context of phenomena of the particular national culture as the only entity. Interest shown by researchers and society in camp-related topics enables us to gain insight into more comprehensive and complex subjects which go beyond the limits of the camps themselves, and focuses our attention on such concepts as the mentality of the nation and its spiritual values, tradition and stereotypes. In our work we shall attempt to show the empire of evil in camp literature and its significance in the life of society. Literary works dealing with the camps serve to establish circumstances and events that exerted a long-term effect on national identity and, therefore, studies of camp literature as a reflection of national and cultural identity arouse particular interest. Our work presents certain observations and conclusions which pertain to the empire of evil in camp literature.

Saturday 31 Oct 9.30 -11.30 SESSION 7
Panel: Music, Literature and Fine Arts in the Cold War Soviet Union