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Carlbäck, Helene:

Woman to woman. Swedish women’s magazines on the ‘Woman question’ in Soviet Russia during Cold War.

In my paper I will analyze the discourses in the Swedish press in the 1960s and 1970s
regarding women’s position in society. After Second World War the earlier attention that
Social Democratic and Left liberal groups in Sweden had paid to the Soviet gender
experiment (in the Interwar period) decreased. This can be explained in various ways. The
social environment of the Cold War in both East and Wes seems to have maid it less
feasible to see the other as any kind of role model. However, in the political climate of
relative thaw in the Cold War international relations starting in the 50s-60s new ways of
depicting the other shaped the discourses also in Sweden. Also the fact that an open
questioning of existing gender relations had entered the public agenda in Swedish meant
that media again turned for positive examples in the international environment.

Friday 30 Oct 9.00-11.00 SESSION 4
Panel: Women and the Cold War