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8th Annual Aleksanteri Conference
December 10-12, 2008; the University of Helsinki, Finland


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Programme of parallel workshops

Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4 Workshop 5 Workshop 6

Friday 12 December


Workshop session 6 10:30-12:15

WS 6 A

Main Building, Lecture Hall 4


Chair: Meri Kulmala


Hinterhuber Eva Maria (Germany): Women’s voluntary engagement in CSOs in the social sphere in Russia


Read Rosie (UK): Economies of care: gender, agency and volunteering in Czech hospitals


Turbine Vikki (UK): The privatisation of welfare in contemporary Russia and 'new' forms of women's agency: a case study of letters to legal advice columns


WS 6 B

Main Building, Lecture Hall 14


Chair: David Dusseault


Pauna Carmen Beatrice (Romania)  and Mannila Simo (Finland): Trends of the migration in the context of enlarging the European Union


Stadler Sabine (Austria): The new agreements between EU and Russia


Salmenniemi Suvi (Finland): Helping the self in Finland and Russia: Advice literature and mutual aid groups in a glocalized context


WS 6 C

Main Building, Auditorium XI


Chair: Iiris Virtasalo


Ihamäki Katja (Finland): Social and Health Vulnerability of Romas in Latvia


Degaltseva Ekaterina (Russia): “The Civic for Dissemination of the Enlightenment among the Jewish in Russia” (1863-1929) As an Intellectual Center of National Identification


Kaun Anne (Sweden): Baltic Russians and their media. The relationship of public spheres and collective identities.


Pellander Saara (Finland): Guarding the boarders of the welfare state - The perception of Russian women's immigration by Finnish immigration authorities


WS 6 D

Main Building, Auditorium II


Chair: Aino Saarinen


Kirkham Jackie (UK): Reproductive health and civil society in Romania and Moldova - discourses, interactions and power


Haavio-Mannila Elina (Finland): Happines of Women in Sexual Relationships in the Baltic Sea Area (Finland, Estonia, St.Petersburg-Russia


Shabunova Alexandra (Russia): Health and public health services from the aspect of gender


Khodyreva Natalia (Russia): Economical and political transformations impact on the activity of social state structures and NGO crisis centers in Saint-Petersburg


Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4 Workshop 5 Workshop 6