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7th Annual Aleksanteri Conference
November 29 - December 1, 2007
The Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland



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Revolutions and Processes

Was perestroika a revolution? Or was it a counter-revolution? What role did ideas and cultural movements play in perestroika, its pre-history and aftermath? What were the significance of capitalism and liberalism as concepts, and which other ideological paradigms where available to the intellectual imagination?

Did perestroika have an ecological impulse following or even preceding Chernobyl? How significant a factor was nationalism in the demise of the Soviet Union? How did the war in Afghanistan and the political movements in Eastern Europe affect Soviet thinking and decision-making?

Could the Soviet economy have survived without major reform, and if so, for how long? Were economic reforms within the confines of the socialist system inevitably doomed to failure? How did other external factors, such as the global energy market and Reagan’s SDI influence Soviet economic policy?

What happened to Soviet institutions in these transformations, including especially teaching institutions? How, and by whom, was the shift from the communist value-system in matters of ideology, religion and ethical values affected? Was this merely a destructive or also a constructive process?

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