International Networks and Forms of Cooperation

  • Cities and Transnational Interaction. The Cultural Contacts between West and East European Urban Centres during and beyond the Cold War

  • Nordic and North/Central Network of Cold War Researchers (NORCENCOWAR), led by Professor Poul Villaume: The project will take advantage of its cooperation with two subgroups, with the research group on Civil Society (coordinated by Professor Karl Molin) and with the research group on Cultural Influences (coordinated by Professor Vahur Made). Both represent similar research interests and both are willing to organise joint workshops and produce common edited volumes. Katalin Miklóssy has been a member of the network since 2008.

  • Network studying the Nordic Welfare State – Historical Foundations and Future Challenges, NCoE

  • NordWel (Nordic Centre of Excellence), led by Professor Pauli Kettunen: Our project has direct connections to the concept of welfare and indirect ones related to the wider perception of well-being. Hence, this network helps us expand our conceptual understanding of the relation of competition and welfare-related issues. The organisation of a joint seminar has been agreed upon with Professor Pauli Kettunen. The seminar will also aim to produce an edited volume.

  • Institute for Contemporary History of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, led by Dr. Oldrich Tuma and its twin institution in Budapest, the Institute of Political History, led by Dr György Földes. Both of these institutes provide a discursive arena and testing field for our scientific outcomes, especially those that are related to East Central Europe. Both institutes are interested in organising joint seminars.