Ceres final conference in Helsinki on 24-25 May 2013
More information at the conference website.

Ceres workshops in spring 2013:
- Workshop Environmental and Ecocritical Studies in Tampere in 15 March 2013.
- Workshop: Gender and Post-Soviet Discourses in Stockholm 13-14 May 2013.
- Workshop: Russian and East European Media: Perspectives on Consumption and Social Change in Helsinki in16-17 May 2013.

Seminar A Song for Europe: Intervision and Eurovision took place in the University of Aarhus in 6 February 2013.

CERES workshops in autumn 2012 - Read seminar reports at the Aleksanteri News 4/2012 (pages 6-7):
- Workshop (N)ostalgia: Poetics and Politics of Remembering and Forgetting in Stockholm 12-13 November 2012.
- Workshop Enhancing Access to Resources for Russian and East European Studies in Helsinki in 19-20 November 2012.
- Workshop "Putin's Russia 2.0" to take place at the NUPI in Oslo in 22 November 2012. For more information, please contact: Jakub M. Godzimirski jmg[at]
- Workshop Contesting Human Rights: The Politics of an Eastern European Space in Helsinki 30 November 2012.

Two Ceres panels at the Aleksanteri Conference 2012

CERES network participated in the 12th Aleksanteri Conference "Competion and Good Society - The Eastern Model" that was organised in Helsinki 24-26 October 2012. Read more.

Research training - Floating Seminar 2011
Joint Nordic Floating Seminar entitled "Roots of Research - Methods & Me" was organised in the end of October 2011. See the floating seminar report.
Call for papers was open until 19 September 2011.

Ceres workshops organised in autumn of 2011
The first deadline for workshop funding applications was open until 31 May 2011. The CERES board decided in its board meeting in Riga in 9 June 2011 to grant workshop funding to four applications, which are:
- Entrepreneurship in the Socialist and Post-Socialist Space taking place October 31 – November 1 2011 at the University of Helsinki, Finland. More information and programme.
- Workshop on Baltic Energy Dilemmas taking place November 24 to 25, 2011in Södertörn University, Stockholm. More information and programme.
- Workshop: Roma Women and Families on Move in the EU/EEA Europe taking place in Helsinki 23-24 November 2011. Programme
- Rural - urban- relation revisited; global and local aspects of development in contemporary fringe areas of Russia taking place at the University of Helsinki in 15-16 December 2011. More information.
Read a report about the CERES workshops organised during the autumn of 2011.

Summer School "Creativity and Control: Rephrasing Closed Societies" in Riga June 2011
A multidisciplinary summer school, aimed at PhD-students and young post-doctoral researchers working on post-socialist cultures and societies. See the report of the summer school written by Hanna Ruutu and Eeva Korteniemi. CFP was open until 13 March 2011!

October 2010-March 2011: The Ceres network has co-financed three seminars organised by the network organisations
- The Centre for Baltic and East European Studies at the Södertörn University, in cooperation with the CERES network and the academic journal Nordisk Østforum organised a seminar “Bilden av Ryssland i Norden och Sverige” in Stockholm in 25 October 2010. Eight Swedish and Nordic scholars and journalists gave keynote addresses and more than eighty people people attended the seminar. The seminar was mentioned by journalists in news blogs on Russia as well as by the journal Baltic Worlds.

- The Aleksanteri Institute, the Ministry of Defence of Finland  and the Ceres network organised a workshop “Security Policy Shaping Russia and the Northern Europe” in Helsinki in 26 November 2010. Keynote speakers were from Finland, Poland, Norway, Sweden and Estonia, and altogether there were 34 participants.

- The Karelian Research Institute, The Finnish Embassy in Oslo, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairsand the Ceres network organised a workshop entitled “Russia’s Nextdoor: comparative experiences and influences of neighbouring countries” in Oslo in 17-18 March 2011. The event included 12 speakers from Norway, Sweden and Finland.

tallinn_photoCeres board
The first network board meeting took place in Tallinn in 7-8 December 2010. The second board meeting was organised in connection to the summer school in Riga in 9 June 2011. The third board meeting took place in Stockholm in 28 October 2011 during the floating seminar.The Ceres board had its fourth meeting in Helsinki on 23 May 2012.

More information about the Ceres Board.