The Nordic network on Choices, Resources and Encounters in Russia and other European post-socialist states (CERES)

The CERES network is a Nordic network funded by Nordforsk for a period of three years (2010-2013). The CERES network introduces a Nordic perspective into studies on Russia and other European post-socialist states from the point of view of Choices, Resources and Encounters.

The main aim of the CERES network is to strengthen the Nordic academic expertise on Russia and Eastern Europe, an area that is relevant politically, culturally, and economically to each Nordic country.

The CERES network will focus on the current situation in Russia and other post-socialist states in Europe. The analysis focuses on three main themes: choices, resources and encounters. All members of CERES network approach these common themes from their own specific perspective and through their various research projects, research groups and initiatives. This strengthens the national characteristics but also offers more sophisticated divergences in the intra-field approaches. Focusing on the same geographical area and having adopted a multidisciplinary approach the institutes have, however also retained their distinctiveness. With the multidisciplinary nature of the field itself, the research conducted by these institutes relies on methodological traditions of sociology, history, political science and the humanities. The input of the CERES network in research training is comprehensive. It develops the system of research training courses but also creates more possibilities for young researchers to exchange ideas on methodological, theoretical and empirical issues.

The activities of the network focus on three central themes. Choices entails research on various choices Russia and the post-communist states have made during the post-Cold War transition period and are facing in years to come, not forgetting the direction of the political development in the area. Resources focuses on questions ranging from energy to human capital and everyday security. Encounters ties the first two themes together and aims to analyze new identities in the target area, as well as in the Nordic countries.