Greetings from the Ceres Board

The Ceres board had its fourth meeting in Helsinki on 23 May 2012. There were many topics on the agenda. The most important questions were the workshop funding decisions, the final Ceres conference and the future cooperation.

The Ceres call for workshop funding was open until 7 May 2012. By the deadline, seven applications were submitted. Based on the workshop funding criteria and a long and thorough discussion, the Ceres board decided to grant workshop funding to the following applications:

  • Putin’s Russia 2.0.
    Organiser: Godzimirski, Jakub (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs)
    To be organised: in autumn 2012
  • Gender and Post-Soviet Discourses
    Organisers: Kalinina, Ekaterina & Voronova, Liudmila (Södertörn University)
    To be organised: in spring 2013
  • Russian and East European Media: Perspectives on Consumption and Social Change
    Organiser: Koikkalainen Katja (Aleksanteri Institute) 
    To be organised: in spring 2013
  • Enhancing Access to Resources for Russian and East European studies
    Organisers: Marttunen, Emilia (Aleksanteri Institute) & Reijonen, Irma (Slavonic Library of The National Library of Finland, Helsinki)
    To be organised: in autumn 2012
  • Environmental and Ecocritical Studies
    Organiser: Rosenholm, Arja (University of Tampere)
    To be organised: in spring 2013
  • Contesting Human Rights: The Politics of an Eastern European Space
    Organiser: van der Vet, Freek (Aleksanteri Institute)
    To be organised: in autumn 2012

The Ceres board also decided the dates and place for the final conference of the network. The conference will take place in Helsinki on 24-25 May 2013. The conference is a continuation to a series of the Nordic Russian and East European conferences that were organised in the 1990s. Although the event is the final conference of the Ceres network, the board hopes to revive a tradition which will last in the Nordic REES academia. More information about the conference will be posted in autumn 2012.  All ideas are welcome, so please feel free to contact the Coordinator or Head of the network.

Ceres board members from left to right: Eeva Korteniemi, Jouko Nikula, Lena Arvidson, Ann-Cathrine Jungar, Jakub Godzimirski, Hanna Ruutu, Jón Ólafsson, Sari Autio-Sarasmo. Not pictured: Helge Blakkisrud, Rosa Magnusdottir, Mette Skak.
Photo: Petter Linnakangas.