User's Guide

WISE-L: mode d'emploi (French)
WISE-L: guía de la usuaria (Spanish)



  1. What language should I use?
  2. What messages are appropriate?
  3. Netiquette and format for messages to the list
  4. How to send messages (difference between WISE-L@UTA.FI and LISTSERV@UTA.FI)
  5. Replying privately vs. to WISE-L
  6. Several options: the digest and different headings
  7. Stopping mail temporarily
  8. Leaving the list; Resubscribing
  9. Problems: Authorization to post messages; Unexpected mail stoppage
  10. Getting a list of subscribers
  11. WISE-L Archives and Files
  12. Related lists
  13. Joining WISE

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