Biotechnology major subject and specialist options


At the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, the Biotechnology major subject is divided into four specialist options (opintosuunta):

  • Animal Biotechnology
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Microbial Biotechnology & Environmental Biotechnology
  • Plant Biotechnology & Forest Biotechnology

The Department of Agricultural Sciences is responsible for the Animal Biotechnology and Plant Biotechnology specialisation lines.

Animal and Agricultural Biotechnology, enabled by genome studies, have applications in nutrition and the breeding of domestic animals.

Plant Biotechnology, enabled by genome studies, provide new tools for plant and forest breeding and pathology, production of bioenergy from plant and forest material, phytoremediation, sustainable food production, and production of novel compounds in plants. Other potential applications are the use of biotechnological tools for a better understanding of molecular  basis of plant development, plant adaptation to new environmental conditions, plant stress responses and yield formation.


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