AFinLA Autumn Symposium 2015

The annual Autumn Symposium of the Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics (AFinLA) will be held 13-14 November 2015 at the University of Helsinki.

The theme of the symposium is "The language user in changing institutions". The theme encourages us to explore the dynamic between affordance and constraint: what kinds of norms and language ideologies affect the individual’s language use in different settings and how limiting are they? What does language regulation look like from the perspective of institutional sites such as the school, business organisations or social media? What kinds of shifts can be observed in forms of regulation?

As in previous years, we welcome papers on all topics within applied linguistics.

The working methods of the symposium include individual presentations, poster presentations and workshops. Our invited speakers are

Plenary speakers

Theresa Lillis, Open University, UK: "The textual worlds of institutions: exploring the prescribed, imagined and real trajectories of written texts"

Alexandre Duchêne, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland: "A political economy of language investment"

Liisa Tainio, Helsingin yliopisto: "Kiusoittelun kielioppi: nuorten elämää luokkahuoneissa" ("The grammar of teasing: exploring the everyday life of young people at school")

Presentations that have been accepted to the symposium programme

You can e-mail the organisers at afinla-2015 (at)