Student affairs

The Faculty's student affairs helps you in general questions about studies and student life:

  • Applications for graduation certificates
  • Other student counselling
Study-related certificates and transcripts You can order from Student Services



Info Centre Korona, 3rd floor, rooms 338, 339 and 340
P.O. Box 62 (Viikinkaari 11)
University of Helsinki

You will reach us best by email: mmtdk-opintoasiat(at) OR

Study adviser Tuula Hiltunen, tel + 358-2-941 58022
Academic Affairs Officer Essi Päivärinta, tel +358-2-941 58975
Chief of Academic Affairs Maika Strömberg, tel +358-2-941 58021

International Planning Officer Sari Mikkola, tel. +358-2-941 58247