Undergraduate applicants

The admission to the undergraduate level is based on an entrance examination. The entrance examination can be taken only in Finnish and in Swedish. Applicants are eligible if they have completed the secondary education and they are eligible for university level studies.

Entrance Examination
The entrance examination will be offered in Finnish and in Swedish. More information on the examinations is available in infosite for applicants (in Finnish). Information in Swedish available here.The applicants are required to answer in Finnish or in Swedish as the examinations also test the language ability (no language test certificate of Finnish or Swedish required).

Language of Instruction
The main language of instruction at the undergraduate level is Finnish. Some courses are also offered in Swedish. It is not possible to complete the Bachelor of Science degree without adequate knowledge of Finnish language.

Contact information
Further information is available in Faculty Office from the International Coordinator:
tel. +358-(0)-2491 58247
e-mail: mmtdk-international(at)helsinki.fi

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