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Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry!


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Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry promotes the responsible use of renewable natural resources through high-quality applied research, active participation in public debate and education in life sciences and business.

Our values

We share the essential values of critical analysis, creativity and the pursuit of truth with the university. In addition, our values include respect for human well-being and the appreciation of nature and the environment.

Welcome to Viikki!

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is situated on Viikki campus, together with three other Faculties of University of Helsinki: Faculty of Bioscienses, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The Viikki Science Park is, with more than 6,000 students, one of the largest concentrations of biosciences in the world.

  1. One of the biggest bioscience centres in Europe with approximately 6 500 students and 1800 staff members
      1. 4 faculties
      2. Institute of Biotechnology
      3. Neuroscience Center
      4. Viikki Science Library
      5. Viikki Laboratory Animal Centre
  2. Helsinki Business and Science Park
      1. 23 companies in biotechnology, drug development, environment technology etc.
  3. Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira)
  4. Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute
  5. MTT Agrifood Research Finland: Unit of Economics


Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in a nutshell

  1. 5th largest Faculty in the University of Helsinki
    1. 2 700 students
    2. 480 post-graduate students
    3. 500 staff members
    4. 4 departments
  2. Science background: biological sciences, technical sciences and economics


Short history of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

  1. Higher academic teaching in agriculture was started in 1896 in Finland
  2. Agricultural economic section was founded in the philosophic faculty in 1902
  3. Forest teaching joined in 1908
  4. Education for Agronomist started at the University in 1906  
  5. Independent faculty of agriculture and forestry started in 1924 (separated from the philosophic faculty)
  6. In the 1960s places for agriculture and food science were formed in Viikki
  7. 100th Anniversary Festivities of the Faculty in 2008




Faculty 2013-2016

Impressiveness as a strength

  1. The faculty focuses on issues critical to the future of the world:  responsible use of renewable natural resources, state of environment.

Internationality as a strength

  1. The Faculty is already one of the most international faculties of the university.

The goal is to be recognised, active and better known

  1. The Faculty aims to be an internationally recognised research and teaching unit that enjoys a solid reputation for its scientific expertise and is regarded as an attractive cooperation partner.
  2. Vision of Faculty for years 2013 - 2016:

    The Faculty is an internationally recognised research and teaching unit that enjoys a solid reputation for its scientific expertise and is regarded as an attractive cooperation partner. The Faculty is Europe’s leading multidisciplinary research and teaching unit in its field.


  • 16 different majors
  • 400 new students each year
  • 200 Master’s degree graduates each year
  • Faculty is the one and only in Finland to offer a university level education in some of its fields of study such as Food sciences, Agrotechnology, Consumer economics, Environmental economics and Animal science.
  • Employment situation is good for the newly graduated: over 50% are employed by private sector and many by public sector.

    International Master’s Degree Programmes

      All teaching is in English. Master’s Degree Programme in

      1. Biotechnology (MBIOT)
      2. Environment and Natural Resources (MENVI)
      3. Food Sciences (MScFood)
      4. Food of Life – the Science of Animal-Derived Foods
      5. Forest Sciences and Business (MScFB)
      6. Plant Production Science (MScPPS)



    • Evaluated as European top level research
    • Post-graduate students 480, of which foreigners 104
    • Doctoral degrees in average 30 per year
    • 280 International Referee Journal publications per year
    • Several international research projects
    • Belongs to the National Centres of Excellences selected by the Finnish Academy of Sciences
      1. System Level Integrative Photosynthesis, Bioactive Compound and Biohydrogen Research 2008–2013
      2. Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change” 2008–2013
      3. The focus areas of the faculty's research are:
        1. Food, nutrition and food systems
        2. From genomes to practice
        3. Agriculture and forestry in a changing climate
        4. Diverse countryside, landscape and the environment as providers of well-being


      Research projects

    • Genetic fingerprints and DNA profiles
    • New bacteria causing black leg in potato
    • Benefits of selenium for plants
    • Bioactivity of Cereal Grains for improved nutrition and health
    • Non-coagulation of milk in dairy cows (àcheese processing)
    • Functional Foods
    • Efficiency of Food/Supply Chains
    • Emissions Trading
    • Rural Entrepreneurship
    • Research related to developing countries
    • EU agricultural and rural policies
      • Their impacts on the Finnish agriculture and remote rural regions


      • Strategic resources

        The know-how of the Faculty is focused on scientific knowledge of the whole production and marketing chain, as well as natural circulation “from the woods to the world market” and “from the field to the household”.

        • Research and teaching are founded on the basic sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), technology, social sciences and economics.
        • Multidisciplinary innovativeness.
        • Cooperation between the units at the Viikki Campus in the development of interdisciplinary research and teaching.
        • As part of the University of Helsinki, the Faculty is part of a leading European university.


      Faculty Office:

      P.O. Box 62 (Viikinkaari 11)
      FI-00014 University of Helsinki
      tel. + 358 - 2941 58247
      fax: + 358 - 2941 58575


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