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History of the faculty


From the study of agronomics at the Imperial Alexander University to a multidisciplinary faculty on the Viikki Campus for the biosciences.

Academic agricultural education commenced in Finland as early as 1896. The education was initially offered by the then Imperial Alexander University in Helsinki. At the time, professorships in agricultural economics and agronomics and in agricultural chemistry and physics were established in the Faculty of Philosophy. In 1902 a Section of Agricultural Economics was established in the Faculty, and in 1907 the Section also began to provide instruction in forestry. The provision of Master’s level education to prospective agronomists began in 1906. Finally, in 1924, an independent Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry was established.

The development of Viikki into a university campus and science park began in 1946 when the area was transferred from the Finnish State to the University of Helsinki for experimental farming. In the 1960s, new departmental buildings for the agricultural sciences, food sciences, household sciences and environmental sciences were completed. For the most part, forestry sciences remained in the Metsätalo building, situated in the city centre. Construction of the Viikki Science Park began in 1993. The forestry sciences were transferred to the Viikki Campus in 2002.