Undergraduate applicants

You are an undergraduate applicant, if you have graduated from a high school or upper/senior secondary school and if you have a school-leaving certificate that entitles you to apply to a higher education institution in your home country.

In addition, those students who are in their last year of high school or upper/senior secondary school studies are qualified to apply: admission remains conditional until the final diploma and transcript have been received.

Application period
Transfer students
Languages of instruction
Entrance examinations
Do you need a visa?
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Application period

The next application period for undergraduate studies is from March 17 to April 9, 2015. Please note that undergraduate studies are available only in Finnish or Swedish.

Transfer students

If you are in the middle of your undergraduate studies, it is very difficult to transfer to the University of Helsinki until you have finished your Bachelor's Degree. The only option, besides finishing your BA or BSc, is to gain admission by passing an entrance examination for undergraduate studies.

If you are accepted for studies, the appropriate faculty and/or department will then make the decision on credit transfer through the individual evaluation of your previous university coursework. Note that the undergraduate studies are only offered in Finnish and Swedish.

Please keep in mind that because the Master’s degree is a higher academic degree, no coursework included in the student's lower (Bachelor’s or equivalent) degree can be integrated through credit transfer into the Master’s degree.

In the Faculty of Medicine, all entrants, including foreign students and students who would wish to transfer from another university, are selected through the entrance examination only. For more information see: How to apply for basic medical and dental programmes?

Languages of instruction at the undergraduate level

The languages of instruction, in all undergraduate studies leading to a Bachelor's degree, are Finnish and Swedish. Finnish is the main language of instruction, whereas Swedish is used in some degree programmes, diploma courses and major subjects. Please note that only a limited number of degree programmes can be completed in Swedish only.

When you wish to attend a programme in Finnish or Swedish, for an extensive description on how to apply to various faculties, click the links above.

Entrance examinations

Entrance examinations are the sole avenue to undergraduate programmes at the University of Helsinki. This policy applies to all applicants, Finnish and foreign alike.

An entrance examination is a written, subject-related test with one or several books to read. Admission is based on the ranking order of points obtained on the examination. All accepted students must have obtained the minimum number of points required for admission. The minimum point requirements are defined by the Admissions Board of the faculty in question. All examinations are held from late May to mid-June.

The faculties of the University of Helsinki do not have human or other resources for arranging entrance examinations in various embassies round the world: all examination venues are located in Helsinki.

All entrance examinations are arranged in Finnish and Swedish only. In the foreign language majors (in the Faculty of Arts) a very good knowledge of the target language is required as well.

Do you need a visa?

If you are a citizen of some other country than Finland and you are planning to travel to Finland to participate in an entrance examination, besides you valid passport, you may need other travel documents and, possibly, an entry permit i.e. a visa.

Please, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland for instructions on how to apply for a visa.
The Passport and Visa Unit advises you on questions pertaining to foreign nationals arriving in Finland.

As a rule, foreign nationals who require an entry visa are requested to apply for one from the diplomatic mission that represents Finland in their home country.  Enquiries about the progress of visa applications or about the application procedure itself should be made directly to the Finnish mission processing the matter.

The application for a visa should be submitted well before the anticipated travel date: the minimum period often being 15 days.  

More information

Detailed information on undergraduate admissions you will find in Finnish or in Swedish.

Updated October 3, 2014

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