We know that financial support is essential to many researchers and students wanting to participate to ACM'2014. We have applied funding from several sources, and are still waiting for the last decisions on our grant applications. After all our applications are secured, we will distribute support based on the requests we have received.

If you would need support in order to participate, please send a free-form application to See the special funding sources below and justify in your application if you are applying funding from them in addition to general funds. Note that we prefer giving support in the form of free accommodation and/or free or reduced conference fee over supporting travel costs. Please remember also to register and to send an abstract to the conference. You should make a note that you are applying support in the registration form under the "Other information"-field.

Currently, we have secured funds for four purposes. First, we have general funds to be given to all possible ACM'2014 participants and invited speakers.

Second, the Meteoritical Society supports related presentations, and third, there are special funds targeted to persons giving presentation in the Workshop 2: Solar System Science with Gaia. These funds come partly from the European Science Foundation Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training (GREAT) network.

Fourth, special funds are available for persons giving presentation in the Workshop 1: Absorption, scattering and emission. Funding will be available through us, and also separately from EU COST initiative MP1104 - Polarization as a tool to study the Solar System and beyond.

Requests for all the abovementioned sources of support should be sent to us. Applications eligible to COST action MP1104 support will be forwarded by us to the COST MP1104 representative. The requlations regarding the COST grants are:

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