Presentation guidelines

Oral presentations

Scheduled time for talks is either 8 minutes presentation + 2 minutes discussion (regular), 15 + 5 minutes (invited) or 25 + 5 minutes (plenary). Presentation are accepted in PowerPoint (ppt, pptx), Adobe PDF (pdf) or OpenDocument Presentation (odp) format.

Videos and animations can be included in the slides, but one must remember to provide also the source files for these together with the presentation. PowerPoint users are advised to use "File – Save & Send – Package Presentation for CD" function to create a complete package including videos and animations.

Presentations must be tested and delivered to the ACM staff in the speaker-ready room well before the session. Your own laptop can be used only in exceptional cases, and it must be tested with the ACM staff before the session.


Our poster boards are 95 cm (37.4") wide and 128 cm (50.4") tall. Posters of size A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm), or posters printed on 36" (91.4 cm) wide paper will fit.

We offer the possibility to have your poster printed and transported to the conference venue. This service costs 25 euros per poster. If you are interested, please inform us by June 17 by sending message to We will reply to you with further details. The actual poster should be submitted by June 22. We may be able to print posters that are delivered later, but we cannot guarantee that. Acceptable formats are Adobe PDF (pdf) or PowerPoint (ppt, pptx).

Please note that it is important to inform us by June 17 so we will be able to place preliminary order to the print shop.