Abstract submission

Please read these guidelines before proceeding to abstract submission.

Oral and poster contributions presented at the conference will be selected based on the abstract of the presentation.The Scientific Organizing Committee is responsible of the selection of the presentations, and the final decision between oral or poster presentation. In the abstract submission form you should choose your preference between oral or poster. You should also select program categories that you feel the most relevant to your submission. There is no limit on the number of contributions per author or conference participant. Invited speakers should also submit their presentation abstracts.

The abstract should not be longer than one page. The abstract will be automatically typeset by our submission system and there is a possibility to preview the abstract before submitting, so we encourage you to preview the length of your submission at an early stage. With one author, one-line title and no figure, acknowledgements or references, an abstract cannot exceed approximately 5,600 characters or 860 words. Multiple authors, references etc. will decrease the maximum length of the text.

An abstract must have at least one author, and one author must be nominated as the corresponding author who will receive any communications regarding the abstract. The corresponding author is also responsible that either he/she personally, or another ACM participant, will be present giving the oral or poster presentation at the conference. After successful abstract submission the corresponding author will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Approved abstracts will be provided in electronic form to all the conference participants, and are also published online. Abstracts will be available both from the ACM conference page and the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System page.

Abstract deadline is the same as the normal registration deadline, March 31st, 2014. Abstracts that are sent after that date may be taken into consideration, but we do not guarantee that. After the abstract deadline the ACM SOC will go through the abstracts, and decide if they are approved for oral or poster presentation. We do our best to approve all the abstracts that are scientifically meaningful and related to the scope of the ACM, and include them in the conference. We aim to make decisions about the abstract approvals before May 1st, and notify the corresponding author by that date.

To the abstract submission system

Any questions regarding the abstract submission can be sent to acm-2014@helsinki.fi.