Strategical and scientific aspects of the asteroid impact threat: the NEOShield perspective

Marina Congress Center (Baltica Room), Helsinki, Finland, July 3rd 2014

Besides being objects of great scientific interest, we know that Near Earth Objects (NEOs) also represent a well-founded threat to life on our planet. The question is not if, but when, and how big will be an impact with the Earth. Nonetheless, up to now there has been not a concerted international plan on how to deal with the impact threat, and how to prepare and implement mitigation measures. The aim of the workshop is to discuss these topics.


10:45–10:50 D. Perna (LESIA, France) — Welcome and introduction
10:50–11:05 A.W. Harris (MoreData! Inc., USA) — "Impact frequency and consequences"
11:05–11:20 C.R. Chapman (SwRI, USA) — "Communicating the NEO risk with the public"
11:20–11:35 D. Koschny / G. Drolshagen (ESA) — "ESA's Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre - services and status"
11:35–11:50 A.W. Harris / L. Drube (DLR, Germany) — "The UN initiatives and NEOShield"
11:50–12:05 J. Cano (DEIMOS, Spain) — "Integrated Software Suite for NEO Mitigation Assessments in NEOShield"
12:05–12:20 M. Yoshikawa (JAXA, Japan) — "Asteroid impact threat: the Japanese perspective"
12:20–12:35 D. Hestroffer (IMCCE, France) — "AsteRisk - Establishing principles and research activities for a local decision chain"

12:35–13:00 Lunch break

13:00–13:15 A. Falke (Airbus Defence and Space, Germany) — "Programmatic steps towards NEO deflection missions"
13:15–13:30 Z. Kanuchova (LESIA, France) — "Steps towards a global response campaign roadmap"
13:30–14:30 Round table

SOC: D. Perna, M. Fulchignoni, Z. Kanuchova (LESIA)
LOC: A. Penttilä (Univ. Helsinki)

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