Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment (AIDA) mission study: information session, Europaea, Monday June 30th, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

AIDA, a kinetic impactor demonstration, is composed of two spacecrafts under study at NASA and ESA: the US spacecraft called DART is an artificial impactor, and the european component is an observing spacecraft called AIM. The mission target is the binary asteroid Didymos that will come close to Earth in October 2022. The aim of this workshop is to inform the community about the current status of the study. A dedicated 3-day international workshop is also planed on Oct. 15th-17th at JHU/APL (Laurel, MD, USA).

The Scientific Organizing Committee of the workshop: P. Michel (OCA, France), A. Cheng, A. Rivkin, O. Barnouin (JHU/APL, USA)

  1. AIDA overview and movie, DART requirements (Andy Cheng)
  2. AIDA/AIM overview and requirements (Patrick Michel)
  3. Knowledge requirements: Observations, Experiments and Simulations (series of short presentation by, e.g. Andy Rivkin, Olivier Barnouin, Stephen Schwarz, Jean-Baptiste Vincent, Jens Biele)
  4. Discussion